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Colston's Primary School A Co-operative Academy

Celebrating Diversity, Learning Together

The School Name Consultation is now closed.

Survey and consultation event outcomes are being analysed. The children will present the summary findings from their consultation activities to Governors via the Learners' Forum on Friday 3rd November. A meeting date is set for governors to make the final decision. Public announcement date TBC. Thank you for your input and for your patience as the final conclusions are drawn up.

Hilary Mantel (historian and author) analyses how historical fiction can make the past come to life. She says her task is to take history out of the archive and relocate it in a body.

Sue Lawley: "What do you think of the fact that Colston Hall is no longer going to be called the Colston Hall because Colston made his money out of slavery?

Hilary Mantel “I actually think there is no principle you can apply here - you do have to look at these things on a case by case basis …but I think the fact that the debate arises is a really healthy one … People are understanding that the past really matters … we are not separate from history, it’s not an exam we pass, it’s something we are in, and we are not just rationally involved, but emotionally involved in the past and its legacy”

Radio 4: Reith Lecture July 4th 2017

School Name Review: A Consultation

Should Colston's Primary School keep its name or has the time come for a change?

Please help us to confirm our school's identity as we approach its 70th Birthday by taking part in our consultation starting this term and continuing until the end of Term 1 2017/18.
This is a very important decision for our school, so please do have a careful think about it, engage in the consultation pages here, attend one of the consultation events scheduled between Monday 19th and Friday 30th June, and complete the accompanying feedback survey (this will be available at consultation meetings, and published online from 3rd July until the end of Term 1, Friday 21st October 2017.)
Background and rationale leading to this consultation, in brief (further details to be found here):

The name of our school has been in question to varying degrees ever since it was established as a state primary school in 1947. Just before this, from 1941 to 1947 the Cotham Grove houses were home to the juniors of Colston's Girls' school. This was because part of their main Cheltenham Road site had been damaged in the war and therefore no longer usable.

After the Education Act in 1944, Colston's Girls' School became an 11+ grammar school and the junior school closed. The site was then taken over by Bristol City Council for use as a state funded Local Education Authority Primary School. There were discussions at the time over an appropriate name for this new school. Some felt a different name should be chosen. The governors of Colston's Girls' School agreed that the new state primary school could use the name Colston on condition that the school remain at the Cotham Grove address.

The name has been reviewed by the school's governing bodies at various intervals during its history since 1947. More recently, it was discussed at the time when it became a co-operative academy in 2012, with a decision to keep the name while monitoring the children's education around Edward Colston. It was then raised in 2015, and a proposal was made that a governor and a member of staff lead on work around the name in terms of curriculum and consultation. A new head and governing body have been settling in since then, mindful that a name review is on the agenda. Having undertaken a vision and values project this year 2016/17 and received a formal request for consultation over the school name from the Co-op Forum in May 2017, governors are delighted to be in a position to roll this out now.

We have designed a comprehensive consultation including events and lots of information and leads to digest on in relation to the main question. 
We very much look forward to hearing everybody's views on this - pupils, staff and the wider community - and coming to a final view at the end of term 1 2017/18.
School Name Survey

A consultation survey will be available from Monday 3rd July, once the consultation events have happened, both online and as hard copies and will be kept open until Friday 21st October 2017.

You will also be given the option of completing the survey at the end of any of the consultation events you attend.

Paper copies will also be available at the office and computers can be made available at school for anyone who would like to complete the survey online at school.

How can you make your view known?

  1. Pupils: you will have your say via a co-operative Wow! event on July 13th, - Mr Jarman (senior) is your go to man for information about this. As part of this you can complete a survey (specially tailored for children and young people)

  2. Parents/Carers/Staff/Wider community: Come to a consultation event to find out more and have your say

  3. All: Complete the school name consultation survey as outlined above - online or on a paper copy

  4. Co-op Members: Be in touch with your co-op reps to see how your member view can impact the debate (if you would like to become a Co-operative Member, come to a consultation meeting and/or email

How will the final decision be made?

Feedback from the following will be collated and considered by governors:

  • the pupils' survey
  • consultation events
  • the co-operative forum reps summary representations for pupils, staff, parents and the wider community to governors
  • the school name consultation survey

3rd November 2017Two governors outside of the school name sub-committee have been selected to analyse data from the collated survey and consultation events feedback and will be present this to the governors school name sub-committee.

9th November at 6pmThe school name sub-committee will make a recommendation to be presented and discussed at an Extraordinary Full Governing Body at the end of which governors will vote in the final decision.

Date TBC: Shortly after this, the final decision and resultant plans will be delivered to the school community.


Whatever the outcome, the school will celebrate the final decision over the school name as part of its 70th Birthday activities planned for 2017/18.

For further details and how to get involved, please visit the following pages.

 Why review the school name now?

How can I find out more to inform my view?

Are there any meetings or events where I can find out more and have my say? Yes there are ...


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